The recent unfortunate incident in Clearwater involving sliding glass door repair in a condo complex has caused many homeowners to examine the various options available for replacement or repair of sliding glass doors and windows. Several homeowners contacted our office immediately after learning about the incident, and several of these homeowners expressed interest in learning more about sliding glass door repair. Unfortunately, it appears that one of the first recommendations made by the Clearwater Police Department was to have the unit replaced. Fortunately, another resident of the complex contacted our office shortly thereafter and expressed interest in learning more about the same sliding glass door repair which had been called by the police.


The unfortunate incident involved a sliding-glass-door-repair-ocala-fl that fell and injured a woman. Apparently, this resident had been inside her unit without being aware of the situation, and as the sliding glass door began to fall, she stepped outside to open the door. As she did this, the sliding glass door-repair-ocala-fl came down, with the woman sustaining an injury to her leg as a result. Naturally, this incident has caused many residents of the condominium complex to examine their sliding glass door repair options.

The first recommendation, which we received from one of the local residents was to contact a reputable sliding glass door repair service. Based on the information provided by our source, it appears that most of the residents contacted a local business rather than a national contracting company. Based upon this research, we were able to identify two sliding glass door repair services in Clearwater which were identified as serving well within the local area. Unfortunately, these two sliding glass door repair services were not necessarily the most highly regarded in the city, but rather their rates were comparable in terms of quality of service and pricing. One of the sliding glass door repair services in Clearwater was able to provide us with a number of written references from previous customers, and one of those references was a local contractor who provided sliding glass door repairs and replacement at a reasonable price.

Another recommendation which came from one of our local residents was to contact a national contracting company rather than a local sliding glass door specialist. This recommendation made some sense, because many national contracting companies are well-established and service a large number of commercial properties throughout the country. Additionally, we did not feel that the cost of a specialized sliding glass door repair company would be justified in terms of quality service or in terms of the value that the replacement of a sliding glass door would add to a property.

While we were not able to identify any sliding glass door repair technician whom we could personally interview, several local residents had provided written references to us, which suggested to us that they were not overly pushy in their recommendations for repair services. Instead of pressuring customers into hiring a particular sliding glass door technician which they felt fit with their personality, they advocated that customers seek the help of professionals in this field whenever possible. This approach seemed sensible and we decided to follow this advice, contacting three different sliding glass door specialists to inquire about their prices, services, and overall experience level with the different contractors which they maintained.

After comparing the quotes which we received from these three specialists, we were still able to identify significant price differences between the services which each of them offered. One sliding glass door technician was willing to take a personal interest in explaining the importance of maintaining the sliding glass door in a proper fashion. In addition, another technician indicated that he regularly inspected the sliding glass door to ensure that it was free of damage, and that he felt that this was an important service to offer. However, the final customer, who was willing to pay a substantial price, indicated that he did not feel that the importance of the sliding glass door was necessary. Despite our attempts to encourage him to take this into account, this customer’s view was the only consistent from all of the customers that we interviewed. Despite our best efforts, this customer ended up changing his mind and hiring a contractor whose services he found to be inferior to our low-priced competitors.