Designed by Yamaha and Nathan East, renowned bassist for Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, and David Gilmour. For decades, the Yamaha BB Series guitars have set the standard for bass guitar performance, laying a solid foundation for many acoustic bass guitar players’ careers. This model carries on this legacy with a lightweight, four-piece, solid alder body covered in premium maple.

Yamaha BBNE2BL

There was a time when the Yamaha BBN series dominated the electric bass industry, but things are changing today. Yamaha has recently released its new Nylon series, built on solid alder frames to complement the ever-evolving world of electronics. Unlike the older bb-ne Nathan east basses, this model is fitted with nickel frets, giving it a brighter tone with less pick-ups. In addition to this major change, Yamaha has introduced two new innovations: the X-Yoke and the Super EQ.

The Yamaha BBNE2BL features a modern design that’s both sleek and powerful. Yamaha BBNA Series combines the best of old and new design concepts, ensuring that the instrument will remain attractive for years to come. Yamaha has adopted the conventional tuning keys of earlier models but has added a number of innovations to provide optimum performance and value for money. The instrument incorporates maple tuning keys and electronic tuners for a balanced, rich sound with a sense of depth and clarity. As with all their line, Yamaha BBNE models are fitted with ultra-light nickel frets for ultimate performance and long-lasting playability.

Yamaha’s latest innovation, the xylophone, is also present in the Yamaha BBNA Series. Its two-voice feature delivers two tones at different octaves. It is also available in two variants: the xylophone-x/w. Both variants produce tones that are distinctly separated yet precisely matched. Another great innovation is the xylophone-w. This model adds another octave of depth and clarity and offers twice the volume as its counterpart.

Yamaha’s new super EQ introduces a refined sound processing scheme to the previously released model. This model creates finer and more refined sounds by boosting resonance, compression, grit, spillage and cabinet effects. A further innovation is the addition of a new mid-frequency that is low-frequency driven. The improved super EQ control allows for refinement of any combination of frequencies up to five octaves. This boost in tonal diversity helps produce very accurate bass response. The result is an evolved sonic character with refined sonic taste and extended tonal range.

The three main components are designed to optimally match the diverse musical requirements of the consumer. Each of the three components, namely the cone, the bell, and the block is engineered to Yamaha’s greatest standards. The resulting product, the Yamaha BBNE2 BL, is an extremely versatile tool that can be used for all styles of playing: jazz, rock, blues, folk, classical, even some modern jazz. In fact, the Yamaha BBNE2 BL delivers what many professional musicians have been demanding: it’s loud, it’s rich, it’s detailed, it’s clear, it’s precise.