Powur Energy

Powur solar business opportunity has moved into the mainstream over recent years and more consumers are turning to renewable energy sources like solar and wind power for their everyday electricity needs. Wind and solar power are both great ways to save a lot of money on your utility bills each month. But they don’t last forever so you need to get them insured now if you plan on keeping them for many years. Solar now U.S. only has the Solar Insure 30 Year Extended All Inclusive, transferable, lifetime warranty along with the installation. This comprehensive blanket policy is only one thing to keep in mind when deciding on a renewable energy system for your home.

The solar panels need to be installed by qualified professionals for optimum performance. Qualified professionals are usually trained and experienced in installing and maintaining solar panels. They will also know how to maintain and inspect your system and its components. Professional panels can last up to thirty years depending on the amount of sun exposure. If you are considering wind turbines, having professionals install the wind turbine is highly recommended to ensure maximum performance and longevity.

The wind turbine system should be professionally installed and properly maintained if you are serious about saving money on your utility bill each month. The wind system works best in areas where the wind is strongest. It is not as efficient near the ground and tends to work better in higher wind speeds. Windmill panel systems require less maintenance than solar panel systems because the blades need not be cleaned as often. The blades only need regular cleaning every four or five months and this is generally enough to increase the lifespan of your windmill energy system.

Both solar and wind energy systems do not have warranties once they have been installed. Although there may be some manufacturer’s warranties offered, most dealerships will not carry any manufacturer’s warranties. Some panels will come with one year warranties from the time of purchase, others may offer two year warranties. Before purchasing a renewable energy system, it is important to find out exactly what the manufacturer’s warranty will be and to determine whether or not a warranty is really needed.

Powur Energy’s panel systems can be installed at any level on your property. The turbine is easily attached to the roof of your home or on the pole outside your house. Many people choose to have the turbine mounted on the pole outside their home for the advantage of easy installation and closer proximity to the sun. Most homeowners do not find any benefit in having the turbine placed on the pole outside their house.

Although all three types of renewable energy do not provide permanent energy, they are all extremely helpful in helping to conserve the vast amounts of energy being used in the United States. Wind turbines and solar panels can help to reduce your energy consumption. Although many people feel reluctant about installing renewable energy due to the initial cost, the saving over the course of the life of the system will more than make up for the initial costs. Wind and solar panels will both continue to pay for themselves after the initial purchase while using very little energy. As technology improves and prices decrease, more Americans will find that they are able to take full advantage of this type of alternative energy.