The best way to get rid of Poison Ivy is to get rid of poison ivy completely from your house. Unfortunately, sometimes this plant is quite difficult to get rid of, so professional extraction might be needed. Poison ivy removal has variable costs depending on the type of extraction process and how much damage it causes.

Most homeowners do not have the time or knowledge to know how to properly treat their plants and if they are doing it right the ivy could be safe to have around for a while. If you notice that your plants are starting to turn yellow and die off in groups, or even if they are simply looking old and rundown, you should take action. The following are some effective ways to get rid of poison ivy and get your home looking like it did yesterday.

One of the simplest ways to get rid of the ivy is through chemical extraction. This means you take out all of the roots and any healthy leaves and then you will just need to dry them away. You can then use a solution of water and bleach (bromine is better) to kill the remaining plant and the roots and make it safe to touch.

Another very popular way of poison ivy removal is through manual labor. These methods are fairly easy and anyone can do it. You will need to use a pressure washer on a regular basis and there are special detergents you can buy that you spray on the leaves of the plant. The problem with these methods is that they tend to destroy more than just the plant, but any other items that you might use near the plant or around the roots.

It is a good idea to use a mixture of bleach and vinegar when dealing with poison ivy. This makes it a lot less harmful than other methods and you will also need less bleach in your home at all times. Bleach is actually the only part of the poison ivy removal process that does more harm than just killing the plant. You will need to make sure the soil around the plant is dried as well to protect it from the bleach solution.

Another method of poison ivy removal is using a poison ivy treatment that you can buy at most drugstores. This method is not as effective as a professional extraction but will get rid of the ivy in the least amount of time and will be less damaging to your belongings and environment. There is no need for a professional to get rid of the plant in this case because the ivy treatment will keep it alive and growing for a while until it eventually dies back up again.